Jurnal Proceeding of The International Conference on Economics and Business
Nama Institusi Universitas Kristen Indonesia Toraja
Jenis Jurnal Prosiding International
Akreditasi Non Sinta
URL Jurnal https://ijconf.org/index.php/iceb
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Proceeding of The International Conference on Economics and Business: E-ISSN: 2963-3370; P-ISSN :2963-3656 . The challenge of free market with ASEAN's (MEA) frame persisted on 2016. all countries in southeast Asia compete to increase their quality of life from every aspect, economy, human resource, and education. Competitive human resource is basic capital to survive and develop on this MEA's era. Besides that, G20 conference will be held in Indonesia on 2022 with theme “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”. From this theme, Indonesia invites all of the world together to achieve stronger and sustainable recovery.

This is becoming a challenge for the world of education to prepare qualified human resource that are able to compete and excel. Furthermore, fierce competition between profession makes individual skills and competence to be an absolute quality to have. To answer the challenge, faculty of Economy UKI Toraja will do International Conference on Economic and Business 2022 with theme Global Economic Development era 5.0.